General policies:

Please do not allow children to play or climb on or around our displays.  We cannot be held responsible for injuries or damage to people or property due to children or adults playing on or around the yard displays.  Our displays are decoration and not toys.


Please do not mow or weed whack around our signs.  They can be damaged and charges will be applied to any damaged displays.


Please do not attach balloons, streamers or any other decorations to our signs.  They could damage our displays.


Please do not move or take down the display.  Please contact us if you desire the display to be removed before the scheduled time.  We will remove the display as soon as possible.  If the display is moved or removed the sender’s credit card will be charged $25.00.


Refund policy:

You will receive a refund under the following conditions:

Rental is cancelled at least 24 hours prior to delivery time.

Extreme weather conditions prevent us from setting up the display.


You will NOT receive a refund under the following conditions:

The homeowner will not let allow set up of display.

The homeowner calls and wants the display removed early.

We cannot set up the display due to a gated community or cannot get access to the property for any reason.

We are given the wrong address.

A dog or other animal or person prevents us from entering the yard.

There is no grassy area available in the front of the property to set-up the display.  We will not set up displays in the back yard.

You do not receive a refund if the person that the display is intended for catches us while we are setting up the display.  We do everything we can do to keep it a surprise. 


Missing or damaged item fees:

Small “critter” signs                                              $5.00 each

Message board                                                         $100.00

7ft Storks                                                                   $85.00

Message board letters                                            $2.00 each

The sender’s credit card will be charged for all fees.


By placing an order, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions.