16 critters and message board

Price: $60.00




Standard Small Critters and Message Board Display

7 ft Stork Rental

Up to 5 hour rental

Price: $50.00

7 ft Stork Rental For Baby Showers

Star keepsake will have baby’s name and weight.  The keepsake will be attached to the stork display and left with the recipient after rental is over.

Price: $15.00


Star Keepsake with baby information


Fuel surcharge for all rentals further than 20 miles from 40047 zip code.

3 Day Rental  - Price: $60.00

5 Day Rental  - Price: $65.00

7 Day Rental  - Price: $70.00

*8 little storks and 8 rattles can be added to stork display at no charge (contingent on inventory availability)



Price: $5.00

4 ft signs -   Buzzard, Cow, Big Cake, Birthday Cake and Cupcake available!

8 Black Clouds with age

Add 8 additional critters to your display (tombstones, crows, cows, etc)

Birthday Candles, Happy Birthday signs or balloons

Price: $10.00

Happy Birthday Letters



Option 1

Option 2