Popular Phrases



Happy Birthday [Name] You Old Bird!

Happy flockin [age] birthday, [Name]!

We flew the coop to wish [Name] Happy Birthday!

The flock is shock, [Name] is [age]!



Holy Cow [Name] is [age]  Happy Birthday!

Don’t have a cow! It’s only a birthday!

[Name], its your birthday! Milk it for all it’s worth!

“Moo” Hoo  [Name] is [age]!

Happy Birthday [Name]! You old heifer!

Moos Flash! It’s [Name] [age] birthday!

Holy Cow, have you herd! [Name] is [age]!


Beer Mugs

Raise a mug to [Name’s] [age] birthday

Happy [age] Beer-thday [Name]!

[Age] cheers for [age] years! Happy Birthday!

Cheers and Beers Happy [age] Birthday



Happy Birthday [Name] You Old Bird!

Old bird, Young Heart  Happy Birthday [Name]


Cup Cakes

Honk! [Name] is [age] today. Happy Birthday

Turning [age] is a piece of cake  Happy Birthday

[Name]  Happy [age] birthday!


Princess Crowns

Happy sweet 16 [Name]

Happy [age] birthday to our little princess

Happy [age] birthday [Name]!


Smiley Grads

Congrats [Name]  Class of [year]



Happy [age] Birthday  [Name] You old fossil